Mar 28, 2013

What I Want Now: Pink

Ever since I saw this pink blazer on Kendie Everday I have been craving a pink blazer, and just about anything pink. Pink is the one color that's missing in my closet so I thought I'd shop around and find some pink additions for my closet.

Necklace | Pants| Blazer | Flats | Top | Bag

What color is missing in your closet?


  1. Cute items :) Pink really never gets old! Although right now I'm also totally craving patterns ;)

  2. ooohh...and now I'm craving a pink blazer....and just blazers in general!

  3. I saw a coral blazer at Target the other weekend - you've inspired me to go back to get it!

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  5. Great minds think alike girlfriend, love that necklace ;)


  6. Your set is so cute!!! The necklace is what caught my eye on Friday Fancies, but I also love those pants :)
    xox ~chloe @

  7. PInk is definitely my favorite color... I can't deny it. I'm crushing on all of these items!!

  8. thumbs up for Pink - you don't have to look like a little girl in it, it's amazzziiing:)
    loving that blazer honey! great post:)
    lots and lots of love from switzerland!

  9. Loving these pink pieces! :) And I feel the same -- though I've always gravitated towards the colour pink, it's definitely lacking in my closet ironically enough. Hmm, definitely will be on the lookout for some great pink items for Spring/Summer!

    Lovely blog! Did you want to follow each other on GFC?!

    xoxo, Ally

  10. I always thought I never gravitated toward pink, and after this post I took a peek at my closet and was stunned to see how many pink things i have in there haha! I guess I was buying them without even realizing. And i LOVE that pink blazer- I can see it being the perfect layer to so many dresses.

    And I guess the color I'd try to get more of in my closet would be that pastel purple. I think it's sooo pretty and eye catching (and also super specific, I know haha.)

    xo Marlen
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  11. totally recommend that top, I have it and wear it all the time!

    xoxo navy & orange