Nov 17, 2012

Chambray + Polka Dots (+ Breaking Dawn)

So, just as I'm getting back into the swing of blogging and posting consistently, my laptop charger BROKE! Now, seeing as I have an ancient laptop (from 2005), I can't just run to the store and buy a new one. So while I search online, order a new charger and wait for it to be shipped to me, I probably won't be posting as frequently BUT I will try to find ways to do so.

In other news, this is the outfit I wore to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn. Now, now, I'm not a'twihard' or even a big fan of the saga but I've watched all the movies so I thought "Why give up on the last one? I'll just watch it." And let me tell you, I was impressed! The beginning of the movie was rather cheesy but the last half towards the end made up for it (it was a nail biting experience), and the ending was sweet.

chambray top: Gap, polka dot sweater: Old Navy, pants: H&M, boots: Target, nails: Cashmere Creme by NYC

Did you watch Breaking Dawn this weekend?


  1. How was the movie? I heard it was the best by far according to some boys.

  2. A broken laptop charger is one of the most troublesome things, especially for avid bloggers. Just look what happened to you! Your stretch of blogging and posting consistently suddenly got stopped by a broken charger! Anyway, I do hope you can find a charger for your laptop. It does become a bit difficult to find a replacement sometimes when the lappy isn’t all that new anymore.

    @Lakendra Wiltse